Origami – Samurai Helmet / Coif de samurai (video)


This samurai helmet origami is intermediate level, but I hope the video will help a lot. You can make a larger size that kids can wear with a sheet of newspaper cut into a square. Coiful acesta de samurai e de nivel mediu, dar sper că o să vă ajute videoclipul. Se poate face şi de mărime reală, să poată fi purtat de copii, dintr-o bucată de ziar tăiată în formă pătrată.

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  1. Hi Raveca,
    It’s quite amazing how you make it look so easy. Do you have something coming up for ninjas? Maybe a shuriken or throwing star.

    • It really is easy, and with practice it gets even easier!
      Shuriken is one of the first origami I learned how to make here, in Japan, and I have a video for it, too. The shuriken and plane are by far boys’ favourite! And even girls like shuriken (not planes, though :)).

  2. Awesome!
    Clearly, one of my favourites amongst your origami projects♥

    I gotta thank John through whose website I found you 🙂
    And yes, I do share a soft spot for ninjas, too…
    Do take care and stay wonderful!

    • Thank you.
      There are lots of origami and I feel that if I don’t video them I might forget how to make them.
      Good luck with your blog and take care!

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