Teach your child English

teach your child english page  I have a daughter who is one year and eight months, and I am trying to teach her both Romanian, my native language, and English. Knowing that so many people around the world are interested in teaching their children English (as a second language), I thought I should share with you my experience as a mom. Young children remember words very fast, but they forget them as fast if they don’t practice. If the mother teaches her toddler English at home, while playing, only 10 minutes a day would add up to more than an hour of practice at the end of the week, and that’s pretty much for a young learner. Not to mention that a child feels relaxed around his/her own mother, and the “lesson” would be perceived as a game, rather than studying, and the child will associate learning English with having fun in a relaxed atmosphere.

How to Teach your Toddler English at Home


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